BREAKING NEWS: The All American Council has acted and a breath of fresh air has lifted our spirits! While we could wait for those responsible to be punished, we feel that the results of this council were extraordinary and as such, we are recommending to all of our donors that you proceed with your donation to the central church in the interest of rebuilding. We will contact you all shortly with further instructions!

Throughout the ongoing scandal, the members of the OCA have stood quietly by waiting for leadership and action by those managing our church. However, the hierarchy of our beloved church has failed to act, and now is the time for us, together, to pledge our support for change and accountability.

How can we help? By proving that we, the community of the church, are willing to contribute and help rebuild what is left of our beloved church. We ask that all OCA members complete our pledge form. To be clear, we are not taking your money. We are taking your word - a promise to help rebuild the OCA when the conditions of our fundraising effort are met. Those conditions are:

1) The currrent leader of our church, Metropolitan Herman, must step down either by resignation or by termination; MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
2) All results of the Special Commission will be legally distributed to all dues paying members of the Orthodox Church in America and publicized in its entirety on; MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
3) All parties implicated by the special commission will receive a just penalty for their parts in any activities against the by-laws of the church; likewise; if the report specifies that any illegal activities ensued, that those responsible parties will be turned over to the proper civil authorities. STAY TUNED!

Pledge your support now - click here!